OZ WORK’s siding fasteners are breakthrough products created to satisfy customers’ demands for metal siding fasteners that are universal for major siding boards of leading manufacturers.
We identified contact points that are common to each manufacturer’s siding board when installing them, and developed siding fasteners that support these contact points. Our siding fasteners have achieved high strength at a low cost. We offer a long starter strip that is easy to handle at a fiber cement worksite. The siding fasteners are made of highly corrosion-resistant hot dip galvanized steel sheets. They are highly resistant to corrosion, and chrome-free and eco-friendly.


The quantity per package of commercially marketed spacers is generally large, and remaining spaces are often disposed of when the package is not used up at a single site. We offer just the right quantities per package: 2.5 mm, 30 spacers; 15 mm, 10 spacers.
Users can reduce the costs of siding work by avoiding waste. Spacers are made of expanded polypropylene.
The prices are only 60 to 70 percent of those of other existing products. Spacers are available in three thicknesses (2 mm, 5 mm and 15 mm) with a useful single coated tape.
A spacer consists of 25 blocks that can be bent by hand to enhance the efficiency of the work.
We also offer low-cost spacers without adhesive tape, which can be used depending on the purpose.


The housing wrapping sheet “ABSS®” is a waterproof, moisture-permeable sheet with high moisture-permeable and waterproof properties, as well as a heat-blocking property caused by the reflection of radiant heat from the exterior.
It is an extremely safe and secure heat-blocking sheet because its extraordinary permeability produced by sophisticated techniques prevents condensation from developing on walls, a problem which often occurs when a heat-blocking sheet is installed.


We manufacture products, always keeping in mind that the good appearance of exteriors depends on exterior siding corners.
For example, OZ WORK implements strict quality control to keep the angle of a siding exterior corner steady.
One reason is to ensure that the siding corner forms a 90-degree angle when fitted.
The other reason is to avoid applying unnecessary pressure to the part being attached and to maintain strength. A subtle difference in the angle of less than one degree makes a big difference.
Even if such a subtle difference is hardly perceptible, this is the quality we provide. We also chamfer the part to be attached by hand to make the edge smooth.
We always pay careful attention to all the details, such as precisely matching patterns and dropping glue. Reliable skills enable high quality.


OZ WORK also processes exterior siding corners, cutting and processing an enormous amount of siding materials every day. It is essential to prepare a cutting tool suitable for cutting siding materials neatly in order to manufacture high-quality siding corners. The chip saw “ZAN 2.0,” designed specifically for fiber cement sidings, is a professional cutting tool for site work, making use of the cutting know-how at OZ WORK’s siding corner factory. This sharp all-diamond chip saw is designed for highly durability compared to conventional diamond chip saws. The diamond chip saw “ZAN 2.0” fulfills the demands of professionals at worksites for a robust and durable diamond chip saw and high cost performance.


Company Name OZ WORK Co., Ltd.
Date of Foundation September 1994
Date of Incorporation March 1997
Representative Director Hidekazu Ikuta
Capital JPY30,000,000
Construction Business License Governor of Osaka Prefecture (General-19) No. 128616
Product Line Manufacturing and marketing of fiber cement siding accessories
Bank The Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, the Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd., and the Kinki Osaka Bank Limited

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